Mission & Learning Environment


At Music Arts School we believe that music is more than just playSamnang & Srey Rothing an instrument.  Rather, it is a path towards personal development.  We are particularly committed to the musical education and development of children and youth.  The atmosphere  at our school, where students are encouraged to engage with each other and perform in groups, transcends mere sound.  Disadvantaged students with a strong commitment to learning may apply for support through our Scholarship Programme.

MAS strives to be at all times transparent and open and to continually re-evaluate its role as a development NGO, learning from and improving through experience.


At Music Arts School, we pride ourselves in  creating an environment where students can not only study music: but where they can also practise freely, make friendships with other students, relax in our beautiful garden café and attend concerts and maIMG_8776sterclasses by visiting musicians.  Whatever time you visit our school, you’re likely to hear students and teachers practising, playing together or enjoying discussions about music.

We are delighted to offer tuition in many musical styles, including classical, popular, jazz and traditional Khmer.  We strongly encourage students to collaborate with each other and offer monthly opportunities for students to perform.

Our staff will make sure you receive the warmest of welcomes, and will give you plenty of encouragement on your musical journey.