We provide lessons in modern and classical music for Violin, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Clarinet, Vocals, and the Khmer instruments Khem, Skor/Khmer drum, Takkeo and Tro. See our pricing for individuals and groups.



The piano is probably the most versatile of all
instruments in the world and can be used to interpret all styles of music.
It is the favorite instrument in the home – uniting the whole family
through song. The piano can be played solo as well as in an orchestra. After a
short time, the student is able to play melodies and harmony. Music Arts
School offers piano, e-piano and keyboard for all levels.


The violin is “the” instrument of choice to play
melody. It can be played solo, in an orchestra or as the lead instrument for
jazz and dance music. It is possible for
the student to learn how to play the violin in only 3 years.


Music Arts School offers various styles of singing lessons in groups or individually. Students can learn to maximize their voice potential and gain knowledge on where to sing from, how to sing to avoid injurying your voice and many other techniques.


The guitar is perhaps the most popular instrument in the world and can be used to
interpret most styles of music. There is the classical guitar, electric guitar,
and the acoustic guitar. The guitar is very portable and can be brought
out anytime and any place to accompany a spontaneous sing-along with friends
and family. Music Arts School offers individual and groups lessons in all
styles of guitar for all levels.


Khmer Tror Instrument


The Khem is a stringed instrument, often called the
Butterfly instrument because it’s body is shaped like a butterfly. The Khem has
a lot of strings that are hit with two sticks (An lorng) in order to make a sound.

Skor – Khmer drum

The Khmer Drum comes in different shapes and sizes.
Some are played with a stick and some are played with the hands.


The Takkeo is a three stringed instrument, often called the Crocodile instrument, because its body is shaped like a crocodile.
To play it, the left hand touches on the bridge and the right hand holds a pick to pluck the strings.


The Tro is a two stringed instrument that is played is
a similar way to the violin. The Tro is a primary instrument used in wedding
ceremonies, bands, and as entertainment in the family home.