Western Instruments


The piano is one of the most versatile of allpiano
instruments and is performed solo, in groups and to accompany singers.  After a
short time, the student will be able to play melody and harmony using both hands. We have four pianos (1 grand and 3 upright) and two keyboards, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to practise at our school!

Click on the links below to listen to some different styles of piano performance:

Classical (solo) – Murray Perahia plays the finale of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Jazz/Blues (2 pianos) – Jamie Callum and Jools Holland play I’ve got a woman by Ray Charles.

Popular – Alicia Keys performs her own song, New York.

Stringed Instruments


The guitar is perhaps the most popular and versatile instrument in the world.  It is performed solo, in groups and to accompany singers and is the perfect instrument for a party!  We have a selection of guitars at Music Arts School for you to practise on.

We offer classes in classical, acoustic, and electric guitar.

Classical Guitar: The classical guitar (sometimes known as the Spanish guitar) has nylon strings and is played with the fingers classical guitarof the right hand; occasionally with a pick/plectrum.  Check out these examples of classical guitarists:

Guitar duo – Rodrigo y Gabriela play Tamacun.

Solo with orchestra – John Williams plays the Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo.

Acoustic Guitar: The acoustic guitar has steel strings.  It is usually playedAcoustic Picture with a plectrum (pick) but can also be played with the fingers of the right hand.  It is often used to accompany popular songs.  Check out these examples:

Solo – Sungha Jung plays Gangnam Style by Psy.

Band – Pink Floyd play Wish you were here on acoustic guitars.

Electric/Bass Guitar: The electric and bass guitars are a standard part of popular music.  The electric guitar has six strings, while the bass has four.  Check out these examples:

Electric guitar – Jimi Hendrix and his band play Hey Joe.

Bass guitar – LP Septet play with bass guitar solos.


The violin is an important solo instrument, but is also an essviolinential part of orchestras and other ensembles.  In addition to classical music, the violin is widely used in folk, jazz and popular music.  Music Arts School has a selection of violins in adult and children’s sizes and our teachers will help guide you towards the most suitable instrument for you.

Jazz violin – Stephane Grappelli joins Django Reinhardt to play J’attendrai

Classical violin – Janine Jenson plays the finale of Mendelssohn’s violin Concerto.

Other instruments


Music Arts School offers various styles of singing lessons in groups or individually. Students can learn to maximize their voice potential and gain knowledge on where to sing from, how to sing to avoid injuring your voice and many other techniques.