Guitar Team

CHAN KIRI – Guitar Teacher

Chan Kiri is a music graduate of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, continuing his studies in Vietnam.  He is an experienced teacher and performer and one of Cambodia’s leading classical guitarists.  He recently performed Vivaldi’s Guitar Concerto in D with the MAS Teachers’ Ensemble, as well as several duets with his brother Chan Ty.

Languages: Khmer & English              Styles: Classical, popular Khmer

CHAN TY – Guitar TeacherChan Ty

Chan Ty is an accomplished classical guitar player and teacher. He loves to teach because it is his hope to transfer his knowledge to his other students and he feels that in Cambodia there is not a large opportunity for learning western classical guitar. He likes to teach in friendly environment of the Music Arts School and also enjoys the camaraderie among the all the teachers.

Languages: Khmer & English              Styles: Classical, popular Khmer

SOR SAVOAN (JAMES) – Guitar Teacher 

James has been active playing guitar and singing in James 2Phnom Penh for several years.  He has a broad repertoire of songs, including many classics from the 60s and 70s.  He finds great pleasure in teaching music, especially to the younger generation.  James truly likes to share his love of music with his students as he believes that music is a very important and powerful force.  When James isn’t teaching you can find him playing guitar and writing songs with the other teachers.

Languages: Khmer & English              Styles: Popular Western

ZACH DUNLAP – Guitar TeacherZach2

Zach is from Texas, USA.  He has more than fifteen years’ experience.  He has played in several rock bands and has written and recorded over fifty songs.  Zach has taught guitar to students of all ages for over ten years and joined the Music Arts School for a year. He is a highly motivated teacher and is passionate about sharing his skill with his students.

Here is a link to some of his original recordings >

Languages: English              Styles: Popular Western

CHEAK BUNHONG – Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone & Piano Teacher

Cheak Bun Hong is a Music graduate of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh.  Bunhong 2He is an experienced performer both in Cambodia and abroad and recently gave a series of concerts in Myanmar.  Bun Hong has also been a regular performer at the International Music Festival of Phnom Penh since 2005.  In addition to his musical talents, Bun Hong represented Cambodia in Kung Fu at the ASEAN Games.

Languages: Khmer & English              Styles: Classical, popular

AYMEN GHALI – Piano, Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

Aymen is an experienced teacher and performer who has worked in the US and Asia.  He Aymen 1regularly performs solo and with jazz ensembles in Phnom Penh and specialises in gypsy jazz guitar.  Aymen is a passionate teacher and his students are guaranteed to learn a broad range of skills from sight-reading to improvisation.  Several of Aymen’s recordings are available on YouTube.

Languages: English                                   Styles: Jazz, popular Western

JEFF SLEEMAN – Guitar Teacher

Jeff is a skilled guitarist who plays many different styles, including rock, metal, blues, Jeff Sleeman - guitar 2rhythm, lead and fingerstyle.  He can also teach you how to improvise.  Jeff began studying the guitar when he was fifteen and since then has worked with bands and as a recording artist in England and throughout Asia.  Jeff plays regularly in Phnom Penh, with bands and as a soloist.  He enjoys playing fingerstyle arrangements.  Jeff’s teaching methods are fun, easy to understand and rewarding and he loves to help his students develop their skills.  You can listen to some recordings of Jeff at the links below:

Languages: English                                   Styles: rock, blues, lead, rhyhm, fingerstyle