Cambodian Instruments


The Khem is a stringed instrument similar to the dulcimer, pKhemlayed with two sticks (an lorng).  It is often called the butterfly instrument because its body is shaped like a butterfly. The Khem produces a beautiful sound which is both soft and rich.  Open the video below to listen to our teacher, Borak, performing on khem:


SKO (Cambodian Drum)

There are several types of Sko (or Cambodian drum).  skoSmaller drums are played by the hand; larger ones with drum sticks.  Drums are typically used to provide rhythm to a traditional ensemble.  Chick here to listen to hand drums being played in a traditional Cambodian ensemble.


The Tro is a two-stringed instrument played with a bow, similarly to a violin. The Tro plays melody – often imitating the voice in a song – and is an important  instrument at weddings and other ceremonies.  Click here to listen to a tro being played in a traditional Cambodian ensemble.


The chapei dong veng (long necked chapei) is a two-sChapei - Samnangtringed instrument held and played in a similar way to a guitar.  The chapei is an important ceremonial instrument, and is often used to accompany improvised song to entertain guests in a light-hearted way.  One of our team members, Samnang, is a talented performer on chapei and will be very happy to introduce you to this unique instrument.  Click here to listen to Cambodian legend Kong Nay performing on chapei.